Thematic Peer Group B

In September 2018, the BFUG formally established this Thematic Peer Group B on the Lisbon Recognition Convention (TPG B on LRC)  more specifically on Key Commitment 2 (national legislation and procedures compliant with the Lisbon Recognition Convention) based on the interests and needs indicated by the BFUG members and Consultative members in a survey conducted during the summer of 2018.

Specific thematic indications include topics such as:

  • establishing the legal framework to allow the implementation of the LRC,
  • establishing the distribution of work and responsibilities among the competent institutions that have the right knowledge and capacity to carry out recognition procedures,
  • achieving automatic recognition,
  • recognition of alternative pathways,
  • qualifications held by refugees,
  • optimising the potential of digital technology for the recognition agenda and the Diploma Supplement.


Work plan of the Thematic Peer Group B on the Lisbon Recognition Convention (will be uploaded in March 2019)


TPG B on LRC Meetings

1. First Meeting of the TPG B on LRC in Tirana on 31 January 2019

The members of the Thematic Peer Group meet for the first time and will discuss the work plan of each single country and the overall work plan of the group.

Minutes of this meeting (will be uploaded soon)

Presentations and documents of this meeting 

2. Second Meeting of the TPG B on LRC in Bologna in June 2019
3. Third Meeting of the TPG B on LRC in France in spring 2020


Other events

  • Public Seminar on Document Fraud and Digitalization
    Tirana on 1 February 2019

 Draft agenda of this Seminar



  • Public Seminar on Substantial Difference
    Bologna in June 2019


  • Public Seminar on Information Provision
    France in spring 2020