A Drafting Committee for the Ministerial Communiqué 2024 is set up in autumn 2022. It is supported by the BFUG Secretariat. .

Roadmap for the consultation of the BFUG about the Rome 2020 Draft Communiqué (updated on 20 April 2023)



Drafting committee is a task force of the BFUG, entrusted with the task to prepare the draft communique for the upcoming ministerial conference. Drafting Committee is composed by the Co- Chairs of the last three semesters before the Ministerial Conference (Sweden, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Spain, Georgia, Belgium and Holy See) of the actual BFUG Work Plan (2021-2024), the BFUG Vice Chair (Albania) and one representative of the BFUG consultative members (ESU). The consultative member is suggested by the consultative members and approved by the BFUG. The drafting committee agrees on the chairing arrangements during its first meeting. The current Drafting Committee is foreseen to start its work in the first semester of 2023, as the year that precedes the Tirana 2024 Ministerial Conference. 


Purpose and/or outcome

The Drafting Committee is entrusted with the responsibility to prepare the Draft Communiqué. A communiqué is adopted at each Ministerial Conference that outlines decisions taken by the Ministers about the central aspects of the EHEA, including its further developments and commitments by its member countries, the new applications for membership to the EHEA as well as any other main changes to the process. The Drafting Committee co-ordinates the proposals coming from the Advisory, Coordination, and Working Groups. The Committee writes a draft Communiqué which is discussed by the BFUG and the Ministers at the Ministerial Conference. It is responsible for reviewing all proposed amendments. Drafting Committee prepare a roadmap of its work, which is forwarded to the BFUG for its approval and informs the relevant WG-s about the schedule of their expected input. (Rules of Procedures 2021-2024)

Specific tasks

Draft the 1st version of the Communique

Liaison with BFUG Working Groups and Task Force to incorporate their feedback into the text of the Communique

Incorporate into the text of the Communique recommendations/suggestions received by the Board and BFUG