Coordination Group on Global Policy Dialogue

The Coordination Group on Global Policy Dialogue aims at developing continuous dialogue with other regions and international organisations on matters of common concern and relevance for higher education with respect to which cooperation and sharing of ideas and policies can be mutually beneficial. CG1 on Global Policy Dialoge aimed at preparing and conducting the Bologna Global Policy Forum that was planned to be held in conjunction with the 2020 Rome Ministerial Conference. As the Ministerial Conference was organised in a virtual format, a Global Policy Forum could not take place and a Global dialogue panel “Moving towards 2030: what global cooperation in higher education should look like and how to build it” was organised during the afternoon on the global approach in the next decade of the EHEA.


Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference of the Coordination Group on Global Policy Dialogue 2021-2024

Terms of Reference of Coordination Group 1 on Global Policy Dialogue 2018-2020


Group meetings and updates

CG on Global Policy Dialogue 2021-2024 

CG on Global Policy Dialogue 




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