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EURASHE Workshop on Refugees

Other relevant event Brussels, Belgium 04/05/2016

EURASHE organised a workshop titled ‘Access and inclusion of refugees in higher education‘ on 4 May 2016 in Brussels (Belgium) with the Flemish Council of University Colleges (VLHORA) and the ARES’ Chambre of Hautes Ecoles and Higher Education of Social Promotion

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Access and inclusion of refugees in higher education

Europe and its different countries are considered to be one of the safest places in the world, providing relief to people confronted with life-threatening wars and violence. Actually, it has always been like that. Moreover, Europe is a well-chosen place for a better future for people living in this hopeless situation.

The last year, Europe came under great pressure because of the great flux of refugees, crossing the Mediterranean by thousands and trying to create a route to the Northern part. As the flow of refugees was lasting, positions changed. The search for a solution on European level became difficult but also more and more urgent.

This refugees crisis is a challenge for Europe. Higher education is one of the actors confronted with the need of positioning and solving that crisis. During the ‘Access and inclusion of refugees in higher education’ workshop, EURASHE wants to give an overview of the current situation and evolution of the refugee crisis as it is nowadays.

What is the position of and the action taken by the Council of Europe and the European Commission? How can a national ENIC-NARICs deal with the issue of cooperation with institutions? What does research teach us about the actions taken by higher education?

These are some examples of questions that will be dealt with during our workshop. The four keynote presentations will be given by presenters at the ‘frontline’ of policy and research.

In the afternoon, some practices will be presented in parallel sessions. Subjects will vary from access to integration and participation of refugees in higher education.

The workshop will show the ethical positioning and the voluntarism of institutions. They are confronted with legal and, sometimes, political barriers.

They show the double-track approach: integration of refugees or post-war reconstruction of countries. At the end of the day EURASHE will launch its own position statement.

Download the Material and Speakers presentations from the EURASHE website

Published: 04/05/2016 - Last modified: 05/08/2016
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