Ministerial Declarations and Communiqués

Every two or three years there are Ministerial Conferences organised in order to assess the progress made within the EHEA and to decide on the new steps to be taken.

Ministerial conferences

Ministers decide at Ministerial Conferences about the central aspects of the EHEA, including its further developments and commitments by its member countries. The Ministerial Conference also decides on new applications for membership to the EHEA as well as any other main changes to the process.

A communiqué is adopted at each Ministerial Conference that outlines decisions taken by the Ministers.

Ministerial Declarations and Communiqués in all available languages

The Ministerial Conferences are prepared by the Bologna Follow-Up Group (BFUG).

Last Communiqué

Logo 2015 Ministerial Conference Yerevan

2015 Yerevan Communiqué

The Yerevan Ministerial Communiqué lays down a renewed vision of the EHEA and sets goals that would be pursued in the plan of work for the upcoming period of the Bologna Process.

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