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Bologna Beyond 2010

On the basis of consultation of experts and stakeholders and the organisation of a specific seminar and an extraordinary BFUG meeting, the BFUG prepared in 2009 a basis for further political orientations. The result of this brainstorming can be found in the “Bologna Beyond 2010” working document, as submitted to the Leuven/Louvain-la-Neuve Ministerial conference.

Bologna Beyond 2010 - report 2009 - cover

Bologna Activities

In the London Communiqué Ministers asked BFUG to consider how the EHEA could further develop after 2010 and to report back to them in 2009. Such a task required input from different sources, including surveys, publications and seminars.

Input from various events

New Challenges to European Higher Education - Managing the Complexities of a Globalised Society
Launching conference of Council of Europe project “University between Humanism and Market. Redefining its Values and Functions for the 21st Century", 20-21 November 2007

Seminar on "Intercultural Dialogue in on the University Campus", Council of Europe, 4-5 March 2008

Experts and stakeholders were consulted. A seminar was organised in Ghent (Belgium) by the Flemish Community of Belgium together with Luxembourg on 19-20 May 2008: “Bologna 2020: Unlocking Europe's potential - Contributing to a better world".

Actions carried out in the Bologna work programme 2007-2009

An extra BFUG meeting held in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) under Slovenian Presidency was devoted to the topic. The outcome is available in reports of this BFUG. It formed the basis for a report on “Bologna Beyond 2010”, which was gradually drafted, involving all countries and organisations participating in the Bologna Process, and submitted to the Leuven/Louvain-la-Neuve Ministerial Conference.

Bologna Beyond 2010 (report 2009)

Previous work

The Bologna Follow-Up Secretariat has been asked to prepare a discussion document for the ministers in Bergen 2005 on what the Bologna process should lead to in 2010 and beyond and whether it should be institutionalised in a more formal way.

As the Bologna Process leads to the establishment of the EHEA, the Bologna Follow-Up Group has to consider the appropriate arrangements needed to support the continuing development beyond 2010. At the Ministerial Conference in Bergen, time was allotted for Ministers to have an open discussion on this issue. This paper (final version) was helpful for setting the background.

The European Higher Education Area beyond 2010 (report 2005)