Work programme 2015-2018

Work programme of the Bologna Follow-Up Group 2015-2018

During the Bologna follow-up group which was held in Luxembourg in September 2015, the work-plan for 2015-2018 has been adopted by the members. Taking into account the new challenges, on the basis of the Yerevan communiqué and the BFUG and Board's preparatory work meetings, this renewing EHEA vision has given rise to the next triennial BFUG working plan: it will be a restructured organization, giving a broader place to the national stakeholders  The work plan gives the main lines for the next three years establishing the topics of each working groups and advisory groups. Members were invited to announce their interest to participate at the working/advisory groups and to propose activities where needed.

Download the BFUG Work Plan 2015-2018

The work plan 2015-2018 of the Bologna Follow-Up Group is described in the form of a diagram. Actors such as BFUG, BFUG Board, BFUG Secretariat, Working Groups and Advisory Groups are represented. The relationship of subordination between the BFUG and its working and advisory groups have been indicated.

The three working groups are about the core issues of implementation and new vision:

Four advisory groups focus on single specific targeted tasks: