The official Bologna Process
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Bologna Seminars 2007-2009

16-17 March 2009 Joint programmes and student mobility                          Chelyabinsk
11-12 December 2008 Assessment of Prior Learning; Quality assurance and implementation of procedures Amsterdam
01-02 December 2008 Quality Assurance in Transnational Education - from words to action London
27-28 November 2008 Eur. Conference on Qualifications Frameworks Tbilisi
10-11 November 2008 Equality in a knowledge based society: How to widen opportunities? Budapest
06-07 November 2008 Conference on Employability Luxembourg
04-05 November 2008 Europe, an Area of Student Mobility Nancy
06-07 October 2008 EI/ESU Mobility  Conference Lille
30 September  - 
01 October 2008
Seminar on Third Cycle Degrees Helsinki
09-10 September 2008 Quality Assurance in Higher Education Strasbourg
19-20 June 2008 Development of a common understanding of Learning Outcomes and ECTS Porto
12-13 June 2008 Staff Mobility and Pension Arrangements Berlin
29-30 May 2008 Fostering student mobility: next steps? Involving stakeholders for an improved mobility inside the EHEA Brussels
19-20 May 2008 Seminar on Bologna Beyond 2010 Ghent
17-18 April 2008 ECTS based on learning outcomes and student workload Moscow
10-11 March 2008 Universities and Lifelong Learning Brdo
21-22 February 2008 Learning outcomes based higher education: the Scottish experience Edinburgh
11-12 October 2007 Forum on Qualifications Frameworks Strasbourg

Bologna Seminars 2005-2007

08-09 February 2007 Making Bologna a Reality: Mobility of Staff and Students London
25-26 January 2007 New Challenges in Recognition Riga
07-09 December 2006 Doctoral Programmes in Europe Nice
28-29 September  2006 Looking out: Bologna in a global setting Oslo
21-22 September  2006 Joint Degrees - A Hallmark of the European Higher Education Area Berlin
12-14 July 2006 Enhancing European Employability Swansea
25-26 June 2006 Putting European Higher Education Area on the map: developing strategies for attractiveness Athens
01-02 June 2006 A researchers' labour market: Europe - a pole of attraction? Vienna
30 March-01 April 2006 The Cultural Heritage and Academic Values of the European University and the Attractiveness of the European Higher Education Area Vatican City

Bologna Seminars 2001-2005

14-16 February 2005 Cooperation between accreditation committees/agencies Warsaw
03-05 February 2005 Doctoral Programmes for the European Knowledge Society Salzburg
27-28 January 2005 The social dimension of the European higher education area and world-wide competition Sorbonne
13-14 January 2005 The Framework for Qualifications of the European Higher Education Area Copenhagen
03-04 December 2004 Improving the Recognition System of Degrees and Periods of Studies Riga
25-26 November 2004 Bachelor’s Degree: What is it", St. Petersburg Russia
04-06 November 2004 New Generations of Policy Documents and Laws for Higher Education: Their Thrust in the Context of the Bologna Process Warsaw
22-23 October 2004 The employability and its links to the objectives of the Bologna Process Bled
10-12 October 2004 Designing policies for mobile students Noordwijk
23-24 September 2004 Public Responsibility for Higher Education and Research Strasbourg
28-20 July 2004 Methological Common Instruments  for Assessment and Accreditation  in the European Framework Santander
01-02 July 2004 Using Learning Outcomes Edinburgh
04-05 June 2004 Bologna and the challenges of eLearning and distance education Ghent
06-07 May 2004 Joint degrees – Further development Stockholm
12-14 June 2003 Student Participation in Governance in Higher Education Oslo
05-07 June 2003 Recognition and Credit Systems (ECTS and ECTS compatible for Higher Education in the Context of Lifelong Learning Prague
11-12 April 2003 Integrated Programmes Mantova
27-28 March 2003 Qualification Structures in Higher Education in Europe Copenhagen
14-15 March 2003 Master Degrees Helsinki
19-20 February 2003 Social Dimension of the Higher Education Area Athens
11-12 October 2002 ECTS – The Challenge for Institutions Zürich
30-31 May 2002 Joint Degrees within the framework of the Bologna Process Stockholm
11-12 April 2002 From Lisboa to a European Higher Education Area:Recognition Issues in the Bologna Process Lisbon
12-13 March 2002 Working on the European Dimension of Quality Amsterdam (Rotterdam)
30-31 March 2001 Transnational education Malmö
08-09 February 2001 Towards accreditation schemes for HE in Europe Lisbon