The official Bologna Process
website 2010-2012

Bologna Seminars 2010-2012

10-12 February 2010 Quality Assurance of Education and Research in Nordic Universities – Same topic, different methods? Faroe Islands
12-13 February 2010 After Tuning There Is Articulation Ghent
17 February 2010 Recognition of Prior Learning – sharing European principles and practice Brussels
19 February 2010 EQAR General Assembly Madrid
7-12 March 2010 European Student Summit Vienna
9-10 March 2010 Convention by EURASHE and ACA on the impact of the Bologna Process on the professional HE and institutions Budapest
11-15 March 2010 Eurodoc Annual Conference Vienna
18-19 March 2010 New Perspectives of Legal Education in Europe Berlin
15 April 2010 Qualifications Frameworks Conference Dublin
19-20 April 2010 Seminar on the Internationalization of HE Madrid
24-25 May 2010 The Social Dimension and Responsibility of Universities Malaga
4-5 June 2010 Third Annual Meeting of the EUA Council for Doctoral Education Berlin
7-9 June 2010 Bologna Experts’ Seminar on Recognition in HE Tallinn
17-18 June 2010 Universities, Knowledge and Development for the next decade Salamanca
17-18 June 2010 The Power of Lifelong Learning Amsterdam
17-18 June 2010 Doctoral Studies in the EHEA Warsaw
21-22 June 2010 Annual Meeting of the ENIC-NARIC Networks Sèvres
28-29 June 2010 Seminar on the Bologna Process, European Construction, European Neighbourhood Policies Batumi
15 September 2010 Bologna 2010 – the European Higher Education Area: proposals for the future Bologna
27-28 September 2010 Access to success: final dissemination conference Brussels
5-6 October 2010 Mobility Conference Antwerp
14.- 15 October 2010 20th EURASHE conference (Tallinn) Tallinn
14- 15 October 2010 Bologna Ireland Conference: Placing Bologna in Context (Dublin) Dublin
16-17 October 2010 20th European Student Convention - T4SCL Stakeholders Forum Leuven, Belgium
1-2 November 2010 Board Meeting 59 Seminar – Quality Assurance Jerusalem, Israel
22-24 November 2010 The Social Dimension of Higher Education: Building Excellence and Equity Nicosia, Cyprus
6 December 2010 Quality and Transparency as Interface between Vocational Ed. and Training, Higher Education and Schools  Bruges, Belgium
20-21 January 2011 Embedding short-cycle HE in the (higher) education system Budapest, Hungary
16-17 February 2011 Student-Centred Learning: A Bologna Process International Conference Qawra, Malta
14 March 2011 The European Dimension of Quality Assurance Berlin, Germany
31 March 2011 – 1 April 2011 EURASHE 21st Annual Conference Nice, France
28-29 March 2011 From imbalanced to balanced Mobility in the EHEA – current Challenges and Perspectives for the Future Aghveran, Armenia
14 April 2011 The 3rd Annual Symposium on University Rankings and Quality Assurance in Europe 2011 Brussels, Belgium
28-29  April 2011 Stakeholders’ Conference on Recognition Riga, Letonia
2-3 June 2011 New stages of the Bologna Process – instruments and practical implementation Moscow, Russia
6-7 June 2011 Modernization of curricula Seminar Oslo, Norway
15 June 2011 Conference on the Bologna Implementations in Turkey after 10 Years Istanbul, Turkey
27-29 June 2011 Reimagining Democratic Societies: a New Era of Personal and Social Responsibility? Oslo, Norway
6-7 August 2011 Eastern Dimension of Mobility Conference Warsaw, Poland
11-13 August 2011 Stocktaking and Future Perspectives of Student Services/Student Affairs in the European Higher Education Area Berlin, Germany
8-9 September 2011 Funding of Higher Education International Conference Yerevan, Armenia
12 October 2011 Mini - seminar (Transparency Tools WG) Cracow,  Poland
17-19 October 2011 Future of Higher Education - Bologna Process Researchers' Conference Bucharest, Romania
25-26 October 2011 New Perspectives for Master Study Programmes in Europe. Implementing the Second Cycle of Bologna – A European Success story? Berlin, Germany
17-19 November 2011 European Quality Assurance Forum Antwerp, Belgium
18 November 2011 Exploring the possibilities of an internet-based admission system in the EHEA Berlin, Germany
8-9 December 2011 Bologna Seminar on Student Participation in Higher Education Governance Aghveran, Armenia
14-15 December 2011 Quality Assurance International Conference Brussels, Berlin
17 January 2012 Mapping the implementation and application of the ESG in the EHEA - Launch conference Copenhagen, Denmark
24-25 May 2012 Kick-off workshop EUROSTUDENT V Berlin, Germany