Work programme of the Bologna Follow-Up Group 2007-2009

Bologna Follow-Up Group Board meeting XVI

BFUG Board meeting Ljubljana, Slovenia 16/01/2008

Sixteenth meeting of the Bologna Follow-Up Group Board in Ljubljana, 16 January 2008.

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Adoption of the Agenda

Minutes of the last Board meeting

Information by the Slovenian Presidency

Provisionnal agenda of the next BFUG Meeting

Bologna work programme 2007-2009 - written updates

Terms of reference for the independent assessment of the Bologna Process

Preparation of the Bologna Beyond 2010 BFUG discussion (timeline and methodology for report for 2009 Ministerial Conference)

State of affairs of applications to the Bologna process

Answers to the questionnaire on the format and timing of BFUG meetings and Ministerial meetings

Published: 16/01/2008 - Last modified: 10/06/2016
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