Work programme of the Bologna Follow-Up Group 2003-2005

Bologna Follow-up Group Meeting I

BFUG Meeting Rome, Italy 14/11/2003

First meeting of the Bologna Follow-up Group in Rome, 14 November 2003.

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Short debriefing after the Berlin Conference

The ENQA work plan in view of the work to be accomplished in accordance with objectives defined in the Berlin Communiqué

The EU Commission Communication “From Berlin to Bergen, the EU contribution”

Discussion and approval of a draft document tabled by the Chair:

  • responsibilities and composition of the Board
  • tasks of the Secretariat
  • priority issues for the work programme 2003-2005
  • deadline for submission of proposals for Bologna events

Deadline for candidatures for General Rapporteur to the Bergen Conference

Deadline for candidatures for hosting the next Ministerial Conference in 2007

Communication of the Norwegian delegation on the Bergen Ministerial Conference

Published: 14/11/2003 - Last modified: 19/05/2016
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