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Bologna Follow-Up Group Meeting LIV

BFUG Meeting Gozo, Malta 24/05/2017 - 25/05/2017

The fifty-fourth Bologna Follow-Up Group meeting will be held in Malta on 24-25 May 2017.

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The BFUG is the executive structure supporting the Bologna Process in-between the Ministerial Conferences. The BFUG meetings play an important role in overseeing the implementation, following the ministerial conferences, while aiming at maintaining the development process.  

The BFUG is co-chaired by the Malta (EU-Presidency) and the Norway for the period from 1st January to 30 June 2017. France is vice-chair until 30 June 2018.

Published: 01/11/2016 - Last modified: 25/11/2016
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