Work programme 2015-2018

Working Group on Fostering implementation of agreed key commitments 2015-2018

The working group on “Fostering implementation of agreed key commitments” will support implementation on agreed goals by peer learning and peer exchange events offering exchanges of good practice on the basis of the implementation report 2015 and the measures adopted in the Yerevan Communiqué. It involves national stakeholders in the activities, in order to encourage greater exchange and implementation on the ground.

Content for Bologna Expert - 08/09/2015
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Terms of reference

Terms of Reference Working Group Implementation – Fostering implementation of agreed key commitments 2015-2018

The Working Group on the Implementation of agreed key commitments is mandated to coordinate a programme of actions (such as peer learning, conference, seminar, workshop, etc) based on policy dialogue and exchange of good practice; actions proposed and organised by countries, institutions and/or organisations.
Activities may develop policy proposals aiming at providing support to countries in achieving the implementation of agreed key commitments within the European Higher Education Area.

Update of the work

BFUG Meeting 50 Amsterdam March 2016 - Work progress WG Implementation

BFUG Meeting 52 Bratislava Dec. 2016 - Work progress WG Implementation

Published: 08/09/2015 - Last modified: 27/02/2017
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Organisation and Report of country initiatives

Working Group 2 and Working Group 3 organisation and report of country initiatives in support of EHEA Commitment Implementation and formulation of New Goals for the EHEA.

Members of the Working Group are asked to inform the BFUG Secretariat about initiatives (e.g. events, surveys, reports, etc.) which have the potential to support the implementation of EHEA commitments or the formulation of new Goals for the EHEA.