Work programme 2009-2012

EHEA Information and Promotion Network (IPN) - Expert round-table

Network meeting Vienna, Austria 17/01/2011

The Expert Round Table (ERT) strives to generate viable parameters to frame the work of the IPN WG 3. Designed as a hands-on expert workshop the ERT focuses on the perspectives of the invited experts and on this basis acts as a catalyst for the IPN WG 3. In a second step both the work plan and the composition of WG 3 will be finally defined (by a call to members of the IPN).

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Key Targets of the ERT

  • To clarify the mandate of the working group (IPN sub-WG3) and agree on a work plan incorporating the ideas generated at the IPN meeting in Bonn, December 16-17, 2011;
  • To layout the parameters of the envisaged debate within WG3;
  • To receive a professional introduction to basic concepts of higher education promotion and marketing;
  • To reach consensus on essential definitions (,information,promotion)

IPN Expert round table Vienna January 2011 - Draft agenda

IPN Expert round table - Presentation and analysis of survey

IPN Expert round table - Promotion

IPN Expert round table - Marketing

IPN Expert round table - Definitions and state of play

IPN Expert round table - The Information and Promotion Network status quo

IPN Expert round table Vienna January 2011 - Draft minutes

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