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Employability and Mobility of Bachelor Graduates in Europe

Other relevant event Berlin, Germany 30/09/2010 - 01/10/2010

The conference on “Employability and Mobility of Bachelor Graduates” was held in Berlin from 30 September to 1 October 2010.

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Increasing student mobility and improving employability of graduates are among the key objectives of the Bologna process.
However, it is discussed very controversially whether these objectives are achieved.
A prevalent concern is that the Europe‐wide introduction of undergraduate and graduate study programmes have reduced student mobility over the last years.
Furthermore, the perception of bachelor graduates as adequate employees is discussed.

Up to now, there are only few reliable empirical findings on the capability of bachelor graduates to gain an adequate employment as well as on their international mobility.
An increased work load and inflexible study structures are assumed to keep students from going abroad, but there is only little data to support this assumption.

With the implementation of periodic graduate surveys in many European countries, it has become possible to develop a comparative study on the basis of existing data from recent graduate surveys.
Researchers from "Bologna countries" have therefore been asked by INCHER‐Kassel to contribute to the Conference with country reports based on most recent bachelor graduate surveys.
The country reports will be released in a book publication which will be presented on the Conference.
The reports will serve as input to discuss empirical research outcomes about employability and mobility of bachelor graduates in an international comparative framework for the first time.

The conference will be sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and supported by the German Rectors' Conference (HRK).

Conference on Employability and Mobility of Bachelor Graduates in Europe - programme

Published: 30/09/2010 - Last modified: 20/10/2016
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Researchers at the International Centre for Higher Education Research of the University of Kassel (INCHER-Kassel – Internationales Zentrum für Hochschul- forschung), Germany, asked colleagues from nine other countries to contribute to this volume. Countries were chosen where the Bologna Process has sufficiently progressed to undertake a meaningful interim account and where national graduate surveys are conducted periodically: Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland and the United Kingdom, as well as Ger- many, the country where this comparative study was initiated.

The authors first presented their findings at the international conference arranged for this purpose.

Employability and Mobility of Bachelor Graduates in Europe - Key Results of the Bologna Process - 2011

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