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Date of print: 06/06/18

Work programme 2009-2012

Conference on Learning Outcomes and Qualifications Frameworks – Tools for Mobility?

Other relevant event Bonn, Germany 26/11/2009 - 27/11/2009

The conference on Learning Outcomes and Qualifications Frameworks - Tools for Mobility, 26/27 November 2009, St. Augustin, Germany is part of the project "Promoting Bologna in Germany" supported by the European Commission and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Science.

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The ministers of the Bologna signatory countries agreed in their last communiqué that the development of qualifications frameworks is an important step for the implementation of lifelong learning. It should go hand in hand with the implementation of learning outcomes, thus improving recognition of prior learning and of learning periods abroad.

In some countries the development of national qualifications frameworks and the use of learning outcomes are advancing. Others are still more reluctant to basing their curricula on learning outcomes.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) will organise an international conference regarding experiences made so far with qualifications frameworks and learning outcomes. The conference will take place on 26 and 27 November 2009 in St. Augustin (near Bonn). Expected are about 100 participants, amongst them university and school teachers from different subject areas, employees' and employers’ representatives as well as student representatives. The focus will be on higher education but other areas e.g. vocational training will also be included.

There will be different working groups concerning the following areas:

  • Business & Management
  • Social Services, Education & Humanities
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Nature, Medicine & Health

The thematic working groups shall present one or two examples of practice from countries already working with learning outcomes and qualifications frameworks. Participants will be invited to work with these examples in order to discuss if they are supporting the mobility of students and which might be their additional benefits.

Published: 26/11/2009 - Last modified: 24/06/2016
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