Work programme of the Bologna Follow-Up Group 2003-2005

Seminar on Chemistry Studies inthe European Higher Education Area

Other relevant event Desden, Germany 14/06/2004 - 15/06/2004

Seminar on "Chemistry Studies in the European Higher Education Area", Dresden/Germany, June 14-15, 2004

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Recommendations to the Bologna Follow-Up Group

This conference recommends to the ministers that steps be taken towards harmonising teaching periods in the EHEA, as the present situation makes mobility extremely difficult in a situation where credit accumulation is becoming the norm.

It further recommends that ministers give serious consideration to the introduction of a pan-European grading scale. The ECTS grading scale can only be a transitional instrument, and the introduction of joint degrees, such as in the ERASMUS MUNDUS programme, will make it clear that ECTS grades are no longer viable in such programmes.

An element which is so far missing in the Bologna process, but which will be vital, is a concerted initiative towards the advancement of e-learning.

Published: 14/06/2004 - Last modified: 20/10/2016
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