Work programme of the Bologna Follow-Up Group 2001-2003

Seminar on Master-level degrees

Bologna Seminar Helsinki, Finland 14/03/2003 - 15/03/2003

Bologna Follow-Up Seminar on Master-level degrees in Helsinli, 14-15 March 2003.

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As the study made by European University Association shows most European countries have introduced or are about to introduce a higher education degree structure based on a sequence of bachelor, master and doctoral degrees.
According to this report, the degree structures still vary considerably between the countries taking part in the Bologna Process.

EUA Survey on Master Degrees and Joint Degrees in Europe

The participants of the seminar adopted recommendations that could be seen as useful common denominators for a master degree in the EHEA. A framework of reference should be flexible enough to allow national and institutional variations, but at the same time clear enough to serve as a definition.

Master degrees - Conclusions of the seminar in Helsinki 2003

Published: 14/03/2003 - Last modified: 20/10/2016
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