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Highlights and conclusions: Future of Higher Education – Bologna Process Researchers’ Conference

On 17-19 October 2011, Romania organised the first edition of the “Future of Higher Education – Bologna Process Researchers’ Conference” (FOHE-BPRC) in Bucharest with the support of the European University Association (EUA) and the Romanian National Committee for UNESCO. The conference aimed at bringing the researchers voice into higher education as well as the experience of various actors active in international level policy making.

The innovative character of this event was given by the unprecedented opportunity for researchers dealing with higher education to interact and contribute to the political process shaping the European Higher Education Area.

The FOHE-BPRC will have as an outcome two volumes featuring the conference papers (the EHEA principles, teaching and learning, mobility, institutional and national quality assurance issues, the diversification of higher education missions, governance and foresight) that will be distributed to the participants attending the 2012 Bucharest Ministerial Conference and Third Bologna Policy Forum.

Further information on the conference results can be accessed at the following link: