Work programme 2018-2020

Bologna Follow-Up Group Board meeting LXII

BFUG Board meeting Zürich, Switzerland 03/07/2018

Sixty-second meeting of the Bologna Follow-Up Group Board in Zürich, 3 July 2018.

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Board meeting - Zurich, Jul 2018 - Practial information


1. Welcome and introduction

1.1. Information by the outgoing BFUG Co-chairs: Bulgaria/Serbia

1.2. Welcome by the current BFUG Co-chairs: Austria/Switzerland

1.3. Information by the BFUG Vice-chair (Italy)

2. Adoption of the agenda

3. Feedback of the BFUG meeting in Sofia, 24/25 April 2018

4. Evaluation report of the Paris Ministerial Conference

5. Information by the BFUG Secretariat

6. Presentation and discussion on the 2018-2020 Work Plan and Proceedings

7. Discussion on substructures of the BFUG (e.g. AGs/WGs) and invitation for participation

8. Draft agenda for the BFUG meeting in Vienna

9. Information by the incoming Co-chairs

10. BFUG membership

11. AOB

Published: 28/03/2018 - Last modified: 10/07/2018
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