Work programme 2015-2018

Advisory Group on International cooperation 2015-2018 - meeting 1

Advisory Group meeting Paris, France 12/01/2016

First meeting of the Advisory Group on International cooperation.

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Orientations and actions taken during this first meeting

Source: BFUG Meeting 50 Amsterdam March 2016 - Work progress AG International cooperation

1. Enlarge the composition of the advisory group to include permanent experts much involved in regional or global policy dialogues: OECE, UNESCO, AIU, EAIE, ACA, AUF (list open if needed)

2. From a first balance of the 4 previous Bologna Policy For a (BPF), agreement on the necessity to rethink the BPF and to integrate it much more in the Ministerial conference (of course it will depend on the partnership established)

3. Define a roadmap for a geopolitics of inter-regional (“global”) cooperation agenda through regional policy dialogues with voluntary regions (not focus on one region) around an agenda based :

  • on topics defined jointly for a mutual interest with the potential regional partners
  • reflecting better the necessity for higher education to answer global challenges such as migration, cultural diversity, sustainability, social responsibility, security, climate change.

Topics to be coordinated with WG2 and WG3. (Proposal to agree on a matrix region/topics)
–to be done before July 2016-

4. Exclude no region for potential partnership (Africa, Asia, Latin America, North America, Middle east and Mediterranean countries); possibility to work at sub-regional level (examples of East Africa, ASEAN, Mercosur etc.);

5. Each member of the group is asked to send:

  • suggestions regarding key areas of work together with contacts of potential regional partners (at political and institutional levels)
  • a list of all relevant international and regional events
  • by the end of February 2016 – the co-chairs will write for official invitation to work for the 2018 Ministerial Conference

7. The co-chairs will invite for the next AG1 meetings potential regional partners

Read more: AG EHEA international cooperation Paris 12.01.2016 - Draft minutes

Annotated agenda

1. Welcome and introduction to the meeting
French Ministry of Education, higher education and research, French Ministry of foreign affairs and international development and co-chairs

2. Presentation of the participants and the objectives of the meeting
Documents: list of participants, draft Terms of reference (ToRs)

3. Adoption of the Agenda
Document: AG EHEA international cooperation Paris 12.01.2016 - Draft annotated agenda

4. Discussion on the current European Higher Education international cooperation and policy dialogues


4.1 Feedback from the four Bologna Policy Forum.

Documents: AG EHEA international cooperation - Preparatory documents for the 1st meeting

4.2 Outline of the International strategy and dialogues of the main stakeholders.


5. Item 4 continued

6. Discussions on the “specifics tasks” and working methods of the Terms of reference (ToRs)

7. Discussion on the tentative events agenda and roadmap 2016 – 2018

8. Any other business

Published: 12/01/2016 - Last modified: 26/01/2018
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Advisory Group

The Advisory Group on EHEA international cooperation aims to enhance the international dimension of the EHEA, carrying out a strategic cooperation with non-EHEA members and, as well, define the scope of the next Bologna Policy Forum in connection with the Ministerial conference in 2018.

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