Work programme 2015-2018

Working Group on Monitoring 2015-2018

The working group on “Monitoring” will have the task to monitor and to report on the current state of implementation of the Bologna Process, as it was done in the period 2012-2015. Monitoring is critical for providing countries with a strong evidence base on the progress of implementation. The report of 2018 will constitute the basis for the period 2018-2020.

Content for Bologna Expert - 08/09/2015
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Download the The European Higher Education Area in 2018: Bologna Process Implementation Report

Terms of reference

Terms of Reference Working Group Monitoring 2015-2018

The purpose of this recurring working group is:

  • To continue to provide reliable, comparable data and to take stock of progress towards realising the European Higher Education Area;
  • to make further progress in the construction of a structured and standardised monitoring system consisting of indicators and qualitative analysis;
  • to allow for comparisons to be made between countries and to allow for monitoring implementation and other changes over time within countries as well as between countries;
  • to prepare for 2018 an overall report on the implementation of the Bologna Process and on the fundamental values of the EHEA, integrating data collected by EUROSTAT, EUROSTUDENT and Eurydice.

Update of the work

Nota: will be updated for all BFUG meetings

BFUG Meeting 50 Amsterdam March 2016 - Work progress WG Monitoring

BFUG Meeting 52 Bratislava Dec. 2016 - Work progress WG Monitoring

BFUG Meeting 54 Gozo May 2017 - Work progress of Working Group 1 on MONITORING

BFUG Meeting 56 Tartu Nov 2017 - WG1 Monitoring Report on Work Progress

BFUG Meeting 56 Tartu Nov 2017 - WG1 Monitoring Scorecard Indicators

Board meeting - Belgrade, Jan 2018 - Proposal for a 2018-2020 Bologna Process Implementation report

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