Work programme of the Bologna Follow-Up Group 2005-2007

Towards Strong Creative Disciplines in Europe

Other relevant event Tallinn, Estonia 27/04/2007 - 28/04/2007

Interdisciplinary conference Towards Strong Creative Disciplines in Europe 27-28 April 2007, Tallinn, Estonia.

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The interdisciplinary conference Towards Strong Creative Disciplines in Europe 27-28 April 2007, Tallinn, Estonia was organised by the three ERASMUS Thematic Networks for architecture (ensha), performing and visual arts (inter}artes), and music (Polifonia), in close collaboration with the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and the Estonian Academy of Arts.

The conference was organised with the support of the Association Européenne des Conservatoires, Académies de Musique et Musikhochschulen (AEC), the European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA) and the European Association for Architectural Education (EAAE).

All partners strongly feel the need to consult and debate views on common issues within the three networks and assess the Bologna Declaration process from the wider perspective of the role of creative professionals in a Europe of knowledge and creativity.

The objectives of this conference are to:

  • Influence European policy and verify the position of the three networks and European associations in the light of the Ministerial Summit in the framework of the Bologna Declaration process, May 2007 in London.
  • Find ways to strengthen the creative disciplines and improve the recognition of its value for a creative Europe.
  • Share interdisciplinary best practice.

The creative disciplines conference will be of interest to:

  • Ministerial officials from Ministries of Education and/or Culture responsible for Higher Arts Education, Music and Architecture and for the Bologna process.
  • European policy-makers concerned with the arts and professional training of performing and visual artists, architects and musicians.
  • Deans and educators from arts, music and architectural higher education institutions.
  • Representatives from the creative industries and organizations from the professional field.

Topics for presentations, sessions and working groups:

  • - Keynote presentation from the European Commission.
  • - Presentation of joint position paper
  • - Panel discussion with members of the Bologna follow-up group.
  • - 5 parallel thematic sessions sharing the results of the three thematic networks on Tuning and Qualification Frameworks, Quality Assurance and Accreditation, Innovating Traditional Skills, Research & 3rd Cycle and European Joint Programmes with input from thematic network partners and experts in these fields.
  • - Evening session in the newly opened Museum of Modern Art in Tallinn with an inspirational interdisciplinary performance.
  • - Presentation and discussion of the Study ‘The Economy of Culture in Europe’.
  • - 3 parallel debating sessions focusing on professional practice: Creative Disciplines & Entrepreneurship, Creative Disciplines & Community, Creative Disciplines & the City
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