Work programme of the Bologna Follow-Up Group 2005-2007

New challenges in recognition: recognition of prior learning and recognition of European degrees outside

Bologna Seminar Riga, Latvia 25/01/2007 - 26/01/2007

Official Bologna Process seminar on New Challenges in Recognition, in Riga, Latvia, January 25-26, 2007.

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The seminar was co-organised by the Latvian authorities and the Council of Europe in Riga on January 25 - 26, 2007. It gathered some 120 participants and focused on two important but difficult areas of recognition policy: the recognition of prior learning and recognition issues between the EHEA and other parts of the world. It considered the recognition of prior learning in the context of lifelong learning on the basis of a background report by Stephen Adam (United Kingdom) and an overview of practice and developments in Belgium (Flemish Community), Canada, Estonia and France.

The conference explored recognition issues between the EHEA and other regions of the world on the basis of presentations by Dr. E. Stephen Hunt (United States) and Ms. Nina Gustafsson Åberg (ESIB) as well as through a panel debate, and conducted in-depth discussions on the two main themes of the conference in four working groups. The conference also considered the main issues raised in the national action plans for recognition, submitted by all countries party to the Bologna Process, on the basis of a presentation by Professor Andrejs Rauhvargers (Latvia and President of the Lisbon Recognition Convention Committee).

Andrejs Rauhvargers, Latvia Sjur Bergan, Council of Europe

Source: Bergen to London 2007 - Secretariat Report on the Bologna Work Programme 2005-2007
Bologna Process between Bergen and London

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Conclusions of the seminar

Background report on APEL  - Stephen Adam, UK
Presentation of background document on APEL - Stephen Adam, UK

Recognition of lifelong learning – examples of practice:

  • Belgium Flemish community – Stephan Neetens
  • France – Michel Feutrie
  • Estonia -  Aune Valk
  • Canada - Yves Beaudin

The Diploma Supplement – a Useful Tool for Changing Higher Education in Change?  - Andrejs Rauhvargers, Latvia

Recognition: Bologna and the World or Bologna vs. the World?

  • Europe- North America  - Stephen Hunt, USA
  • Europe – other parts of the world – Nina Gustafsson Åberg, ESIB

First findings from the national plans for improving recognition – Andrejs Rauhvargers, Latvia     

Discussions in working groups
WG1: Recognition Europe-North America,
         Chair: Carita Blomqvist, Finland (see PRESENTATION),
         Resource person Stephen Hunt, USA
         Rapporteur Christoph Demand, Austria. 

WG2: Recognition Europe – other parts of the World
         Chair Nina Kowalewska, Resource person Cloud Bai-yun, UK,
         Rapporteur Bastian Baumann, Germany

WG 3: Recognition of prior learning: defining and recognizing learning outcomes
         Chair Stephen Adam,
         Resource persone Ruud Duvekot (see PRESENTATION)
         Rapportuer Gunnar Vaht tbc.

WG 4. Recognition of prior learning: recognition for access
         Chair: Rolf Lofstad, Norway,
         Resource person Aune Valk, Estonia,
         Rapporteur Stephan Neetens, Flemish Community, Belgium

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