Work programme of the Bologna Follow-Up Group 2005-2007

Developing Doctoral Programmes in Europe

In the Bergen Ministerial Conference, the Ministers asked EUA to prepare a report, together with other interested parties, on the further development of the basic principles for doctoral programmes set out in the Bergen Communiqué, which were in turn based on the ten “Salzburg Principles” adopted at a Bologna seminar held in February 2005.

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EUA project: Developing Doctoral Programmes in Europe

Doctoral programmes have become a focus of the Bologna Process since the inclusion of an Action Line in the Berlin Communiqué in 2003 underlining the importance of creating synergies between higher education and research. Doctoral programmes, as the third cycle of higher education and the first stage of a young researcher’s career, are the most important link between the European Higher Education and Research Areas. They are the key to realising Europe’s ambition to become the most dynamic knowledge-based economy and society in the world, and universities hold the main responsibility for the development of high quality doctoral programmes which will enhance the career prospects of young researchers in all sectors of society.

The project steering committee that was established included governmental representatives from Austria and France as well as representatives from ESIB and EURODOC. It was agreed that action should focus on three areas: the quality of doctoral programmes, the role of higher education institutions and the role of the state and the question of public responsibility in relation to the funding of doctoral education. A series of events and activities took place around these issues in 2005 and 2006. The goal was to encourage broad discussion among universities across all Bologna countries. The process culminated in a major conference held at the University of Nice in December 2006 that brought together over 400 people. In addition to the input from the series of preparatory workshops, a questionnaire on the funding of doctoral education was sent to BFUG governmental representatives. The preliminary results received from 36 governments were also debated during the conference, the results of which, entitled “Matching Ambition with Responsibilities and Resources”, provided the basis for the report EUA has presented to BFUG.

The report underlines in particular the responsibility universities have in embedding doctoral programmes in their institutional strategies and policies, and the joint responsibilities of institutions and governments in creating career paths and opportunities for early stage researchers, as well as for the funding of doctoral programmes and candidates. A report setting out the findings of the financing study will be published separately.

Lesley Wilson, EUA

Source: Bergen to London 2007 - Secretariat Report on the Bologna Work Programme 2005-2007
Bologna Process between Bergen and London

Published: 18/05/2007 - Last modified: 03/06/2016
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Salzburg Principles

From the discussions at the Salzburg seminar on Doctoral Programmes for the European Knowledge Society 3-5 February 2005, a consensus emerged on a set of ten basic principles.

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PhD programs in Georgia

A joint conference of the Tbilisi State University and Center for Social Sciences was held on 25- 26 June 2005. Aim of the conference was elaboration of an action plan for the development of PhD programs in Georgia.

Conference Doctoral Programs Tbilisi 2005 - Report