Work programme of the Bologna Follow-Up Group 2001-2003

Development of Joint Degrees

This topic was at two seminars, organized successively in Spring 2002 and in Spring 2003.

Content for Bologna Expert - 19/09/2003
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The first, “Seminar on Joint Degrees within the Framework of the Bologna Process”, was organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Sweden and took place in Stockholm, 30-31 May 2002. The seminar explored the possibilities of the development of joint degrees as a means of achieving the objectives set in the Bologna Declaration; its focus was mainly on the legal aspects and a common European framework for such degrees. As a basis for the discussions, a compilation was prepared of the responses (from 17 European countries and European Commission) to a special questionnaire. The seminar developed a set of criteria that could be useful common denominators for European joint degrees.

The second seminar on this topic, “Integrated Programmes – Implications and Prospects”, was organized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research of Italy and held on 11-12 April 2003 in Mantova. It focused more on the content and curriculum development of such degrees, taking into account various statements and conclusions developed at previous seminars. In particular, participants discussed motivations for planning as well as methodology for designing and implementing integrated curricula, various concepts and models in integrated programmes at Master level, and prospects in integrated Doctoral studies. The seminar took stock of the respective trends in national legislation and policies; it also stressed the impact of integrated curricula on citizenship and employability.

Source: Bologna process between Prague and Berlin
Report to the Ministers of Education of the signatory countries Berlin, September 2003
General Rapporteur: Prof. Pavel Zgaga
Report commissioned by the Follow-up Group of the Bologna Process
Bologna Process between Prague and Berlin

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