Work programme of the Bologna Follow-Up Group 2001-2003

Quality assurance and accreditation

This topic has been under discussion at almost all the Bologna Seminar in the period 2001-2003.

Content for Bologna Expert - 19/09/2003
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This issue was systematically discussed at the conference ‘Working on the European Dimension of Quality’, held in Amsterdam, 12-13 March 2002, and organized by the Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS) on the initiative of the Ministries of Education of the Netherlands and Flanders. Participants analysed movements towards a European dimension in quality assurance and accreditation and launched a debate on shared generic descriptors for Bachelor and Master learning outcomes (prepared by the “Joint Quality Initiative”). The debate was enriched by contributions from representatives of the Tuning project.
This was the very first seminar in the follow-up period 2001 – 2003, and the only official Bologna follow-up seminar during this period that covered systemically the issue of quality assurance and accreditation.
However, this topic has been constantly under discussion at almost all other conferences as well as at other nationally or internationally related events. Contributions and outcomes of the Amsterdam Seminar appeared also as a book published in 2003.

Source: Bologna process between Prague and Berlin
Report to the Ministers of Education of the signatory countries Berlin, September 2003
General Rapporteur: Prof. Pavel Zgaga
Report commissioned by the Follow-up Group of the Bologna Process
Bologna Process between Prague and Berlin

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